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Posted by Christy Hammons on Apr 17, 2020 11:30:16 AM
Christy Hammons

Rising to the occasion, as we have in many instances, Impact Workforce Solutions has yet again brought forward innovative solutions to overcome challenges.  Working in today’s environment, most will agree that it is not “Business as Usual”.

Regardless of the industry, almost every business has felt an impact surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. In many discussions with our clients, we have heard the phrase, “Time to get creative”. Creativity and the use of technology is helping to keep businesses alive and moving forward during these uncertain times while developing the “new norm”. With so many restrictions in place on travel, social distancing, and state/local orders, Impact has created a “Virtual Implementation” Strategy—virtual onboarding and alignment meetings!

In our field, here at Impact Workforce Solutions, we pride ourselves with offering in-person meetings to provide a personal connection while serving our clients and their employees. It is through these in-person meetings that our clients begin building relationships and trust with our team. COVID-19 has changed this and forced us to adapt our ways in order to continue providing the same level of exceptional service.

So, how have we adapted? We took note to how others were making adjustments during these times such as schools, athletic teams, and churches with increasing the usage of technology means to continue meeting face-to-face – only virtually. Just last week, we held our first virtual employee onboarding sessions. Our team was able to share our screen for our new associates to interact and engage just like they would if we were physically there in person.  Our strategic value relies heavily on personal presence, but in these crazy times we have unleashed our creative juices and love the results.

Ultimately, communication is critical to a business relationship regardless of the channel in which we communicate. It’s important to remember the human element of connection is key in establishing, fostering and retaining business relationships. Technology has enabled our team here at Impact Workforce Solutions to continue to be able to put a face with a name and bring our client’s personal connectivity.

How is your organization leveraging technology to adapt to this new world? Share ideas in the comments below!

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